Feng Shui & the Outgoing President

A couple of physical objects have appeared at the White House since the election, and they are so odd as to warrant a feng shui exploration. The first is that Noguchi sculpture outside—frankly it looks like a big pile of cubistic excrement—big enough to trip over.

Now, I’m a huge fan of Isamu Noguchi, but given the circumstances of time & place it symbolizes Trump’s parting dump on the people of the United States. And that’s just exactly what he’s doing too—what with removing the protections on migratory birds.

Birds are considered to be messengers from Heaven in feng shui. A move to harm the birds like that is seen as positively demonic. The lame duck president is leaving a huge mess for Biden/Harris to clean up immediately before they can get down to real work. The stench of his time in office is spread over the land. I note that the official photographs of the Noguchi sculpture seem to always have no person in the picture. I’d love it if somebody got a picture of Trump walking away from the sculpture.

And then there’s that tiny desk that Trump sat behind when he gave a news conference just before Thanksgiving and which has been compared to that of a small child. It’s been noted that the laughable size of the desk seemed appropriate from a young spoiled brat who has temper tantrums. Yep, that sounds like Trump to me!

But from a feng shui point of view a desk is a very important object. It’s one of the most important objects, the other two being the bed and the stove. The size of the desk makes a big difference because it indicates the amount work that you are calling into your life. Trump is not calling any real work into his life—he’s only got room for his elbows on that small desk. He’s not going to spend his last days doing the work of managing this horrible pandemic. Oh, no—there’s golf to do and slimy criminals to set free.

I think of January 20, 2021 as National Flush Day—due to his big ego, he doesn’t seem to want to go down the drain. But come January…

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