Feng Shui & Laughter

Great book, published in 1973.

Laughing is yang and crying is yin. There’s some of each in a person’s life. During a hunker-down time, we need some real good laughs. Hence my next paragraph, which comes from a wonderful book I’m reading. I’m only 77 pages into it, and already there have been many delightful laughs. The book is Infinite Riches by David Magee, who was a Brit who came to San Francisco and became a rare book seller. (I adore this genre of books.)

On page six he states, “…children are devastatingly casual about death” and then goes on to tell a story that his oldest sister told him. She became Mother Superior in a London convent and was once required to break the news to a five-year-old girl that her mother had died. “She’s gone to live with God in Heaven,” my sister said. “Really?” said the child, scarcely looking up from her toys. “How posh!”

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